Written by Sarah Spohn

High school is four years of classes, after school activities, friendships, potential heartbreak, growing up, and lessons learned. For Mid-Michigan high school freshman Kanin (pronounced Cannon) Elizabeth, these everyday occurrences lead to themes within her original indie-Americana music. The lyricist, vocalist and guitar player pens songs on friendships, family, and time well-spent in the mitten state. 


Witnessing Kanin’s vocals in a live music setting leaves attendees with the feeling that this fifteen-year-old is definitely on the up & up. Her crystal clear, yet mellow vocals relay a sense of maturity and humble confidence. Often performing as a duo with friend and guitar accompaniment by Addie Martin, Kanin is teaching herself to play new instruments and constantly honing in on her style and musicianship. Pair those warm, welcoming, easygoing vocals with a nice breezy patio, illuminated string lights hanging from the trees, and a sunset in the background, and you’ve got a truly beautiful arrangement. 


Inspired by singer-songwriters and lyric-based songs via The Head & The Heart, The Lumineers, and Brandi Carlisle, Kanin is drawn to storytelling elements, which are heavily present in her own works. 


One of her latest original singles, “After You,” details a breakup, but not in the traditional bitter or regretful sense. Rather, showcasing an uplifting and hopeful graceful wisdom beyond her years, Kanin delivers an autobiographical story reflecting fondly on shared Autumn nights with the ones you love. The song’s uplifting lesson invites listeners to look back and smile at warm memories with a special someone, rather than dwelling on what might come next. 

Now I’m stuck in the clouds, trying not to think about what’s coming next.


This Michigan-made musician also gives love to her home state with a mitten-state-themed ode via her original single, “Torch Lake Breeze.” The summery, sun-filled song details the crystal blue/green Carribbean-like waters right here in one of Michigan’s picturesque lake destinations, Torch Lake. The vivid imagery coupled with Kanin’s perfect pitch is like taking the stunning, sparkling views of Pure Michigan and bottling it up in a song. Two separate versions of the song, an acoustic cut and a dance-mix version showcase versatility in the songstress, etching her way as an emerging artist.

The sky was beautiful and bright, it ended with a starry night. Not knowing what the summer holds, let's see how our worlds unfold. It was a Torch Lake breeze that brought you to me.


“Torch Lake Breeze” is also featured on Pandora Pure Michigan radio, the perfect summer road trip playlist created to be the perfect soundtrack to summertime activities like boating, hiking, camping, or beach days. The playlist is full of 200 songs by over 100+ artists with Michigan connections. Kanin’s original music shines alongside her fellow Michigan musician icons like Bob Seger, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and emerging local favorites like The Accidentals and Greta Van Fleet. 


Already a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International, this driven musical artist is excited to share her stories through her songs for years to come. She’s going to be songwriting with soulful Michigan musician, Jill Jack this summer, and planning on interning with the Michigan Music Alliance this fall.