Meeting David Shaw from The Revivalist

Pinch me. Last weekend was a dream come true.

I bought my Taylor Guitar when I was about 8 years old. I was so focused on singing that I really never picked it up, it just looked pretty. My parents went to hear The Revivalist at Red Rocks the summer of 2018. David Shaw & Zack Feinberg played a new song that night. When my parents came home, they had that song on repeat. 

After hearing the song, I decided to try and figure out how to play it. It was called Shoot You Down. It was the first song I learned to play on my pretty guitar. It is about gun violence. I play this song at all of my gigs because it is super relevant to the of today and yesterday.

Last weekend this story came full circle. I met David Shaw. When we met, he asked me to play the song. I was fighting a cold but I played it anyways. He even sang along at one point. 

That evening he did a performance at The Fitton Center in his home town of Hamilton, OH. 

David talked of his day. Meeting new fans and old. Then just before he started playing Shoot You Down, he told the story of meeting me. ME! (You can find it on my INSTAGRAM) At first I was just clinging to his words and then realized he was talking about meeting me. He said it was special and thanked me for playing it for him. 

What he may not have realized in that moment is that his kindness will drive me to be a better human and musician. If I ever have the opprotunity to pay this forward, I will. I do shows now and little kids come up and want photos, I will always take the time to make a difference in the lives of those that look up to me and continue to support my dreams. 

We continued our weekend in Downtown Hamilton. The Big River Get Down was amazing and I hope to go every year. Maybe I can sing him a new song every year and he can see how much I am progressing. Sheesh, maybe someday I will open for The Revivalist. Dreams do come true. 


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