“The things that make Kanin stand out are her overall maturity and natural talent. She not only sang every take perfectly, but she added several parts that I threw at her as if she’s been doing this for 30 years and she’s just 16. “She never seemed nervous or anxious singing in front of total strangers. She was confident and strong. That can only be attributed to great parenting, which she has been blessed with. She has the mental fortitude to survive in this nutty business called music.”

MATT BISSONETTE (Tours with Elton John)

At just 16, Kanin’s live performance captivated a crowd. Her heartfelt sharing about her songs showcased her commitment as a developing artist. People felt her passion for music and connected with her deeply. MISS ANDREA BILLUPS (Friend & Journalist)

Kanin's ability to elicit such powerful emotions from the listeners is a testament to her songwriting skills.   She truly captures your mind and heart at the same time.  The quality of her vocal delivery is the icing on the cake - Kanin is the total package. BARBARA PAULINS 

I love the vibe and the spirit you bring to your performances. It’s clear that your soul is in every note you sing. CINDY MASON

Kanin brings a fresh sound to the music scene that all ages can appreciate. She's bound to be a success, and we are so blessed to get to be part of watching the magic happen! ASHLEY BOGER

Kanin has a true gift for singing! There is soulful passion in every note she sings and her confident on stage leaves me eager to hear what she’ll play next. It’s been incredible following her journey and I know she’s just getting started! STEPHANIE WOHLFERT 

Kanin has emerged and developed in her talent with a fresh sound that is all her own. As I have followed along from her humble beginnings, its been great watching her grow her sound and her fan base. Clearly her dedication is paying off and she is headed for bigger things. BETH HERNEDEEN


My story starts way back. As in, my parents tell me I started humming songs before I could talk. Maybe that was my little way of saying that songs have always lived in my heart – and even back then, I knew that one day I was going to write them and perform them. I believe that, deep down. 

I just turned sixteen. And for the last two years that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Not only writing my own music, but sharing the stage with some pretty amazing artists as I chase my dream of becoming a singer full-time. Over the last eighteen months, I have traveled around Michigan completing about 70 shows. A few of the places I have performed; The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Shorts Brewing Company, Lake Ann Brewing, Michigan State Fair, Forest Trail Music Festival, Crystal Mountain Resort, Lansing Brewing Company, Horrock’s Beer Garden, Cleats Bar & Grille, the Peddler’s Market and BlueWater Bistro. When available I sing at private events and love to perform the National Anthem at our minor league baseball field.

My musical vibe is Indie-Americana and some of my influences have been: The Head & The Heart, The Revivalist, The Lumineers, Johnny Cash and some Indie-Pop Artist like Olivia Rodrigo, Finneas and Conan Gray.  People often think my set is mostly originals, not usually but it depends on how long the show is. I don't do the mainstream music that most cover bands perform. I try to take music lovers on a new journey. Just last night two rock n roll guys asked if I was doing mostly originals and they were surprised,  they loved the music. My setlist normally would not be their jam but one of the guys left with a tear in his eye, powerful.

I perform as a solo artist and with a full band. When we were deep in the pandemic I spent the summer playing what we called “social distancing happy hours” – just strumming along in people’s driveways – because even though we all want to be safe, we know that music sustains us. Lifts us up. Speaks to our souls. At least that’s what I’ve found in my 16 years, a third of which I’ve spent learning my instruments and perfecting my craft. 

In the year ahead, I want to share my music with more people. I’m driven, and this craziness has been a creative time for me. I am currently finishing up my first album. Fall/Winter 2021/2022 will be spent in the studio putting the final touches on the album for a Spring 2022 launch.

I’d love to add some new– venues and festivals in 2022 and I have already started booking.  I would be happy you send you some music on request. I took sometime off from recording as my voice was changing to much, it didn't make sense. If the likes of Matt Bissonette (Bassist for Elton John) and professionals like Jay Gilbert think my new music is fabulous, I think you will as well. I welcome the opportunity to show up and perform for you. My focus for 2022 is to get my music released and play at places that truly love music. I had a taste of festivals and listening rooms last year and I loved it. 

I think you’re gonna love it. 


Local Spins' first 'Artist to Watch' for 2022

Now 16, the Lansing-area singer-songwriter just returned from Los Angeles where she recorded four new indie-pop tracks with producer Matt Bissonette, bassist for Elton John. She plans to release the songs with help from Jay Gilbert, founder of L.A.’s Label Logic, an artist agency focused on digital strategy and marketing.

The whirlwind early January experience at Dragonfly Creek Recording Studio in Malibu – with drummer Greg Bissonette (Ringo Starr, David Lee Roth), keyboardist Jim Cox (Mark Knopfler, Elton John, Aerosmith) and session guitarist Andrew Synowiec (The Who, Josh Groban) – puts Kanin Elizabeth on track for a milestone 2022 and a more-than-promising career.



The six-hour-long playlist, available on Pandora, includes a well-rounded mix of Michigan and non-Michigan artists. Well-known Michigan performers featured on the playlist include Bob Seger, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin, among others. Listeners can also enjoy some of Michigan’s newer music talent, with indie folk, pop, rock sound of the Accidentals and the rock band Greta Van Fleet. Up-and-coming Michigan artist Kanin Elizabeth and her song “Torch Lake Breeze” are also featured.


Sarah Spohn, Entertainment Journalist

Witnessing Kanin’s vocals in a live music setting leaves attendees with the feeling that this fifteen-year-old is definitely on the up & up. Her crystal clear, yet mellow vocals relay a sense of maturity and humble confidence.  

Pair those warm, welcoming, easygoing vocals with a nice breezy patio, illuminated string lights hanging from the trees, and a sunset in the background, and you’ve got a truly beautiful arrangement.  


The City Pulse, Rich Tupica 

Listen to her moody cover of “Hallelujah” and then spin her soulful Billie Eilish cover, and it’s obvious she’s already developed her own brand of indie-Americana. Her set list also comprises tunes from some of her other idols: Johnny Cash, the Lumineers and the Head and the Heart. 


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