Listen to her moody cover of “Hallelujah” and then spin her soulful Billie Eilish cover, and it’s obvious she’s already developed her own brand of indie-Americana. ” - Rich Tupica

— The Lansing City Pulse


"Warm, welcoming, easy going vocals"


"Obviously developed her own brand of indie~Americana"


"UP-and-coming Michigan Artist"



My story starts way back. As in, my parents tell me I started humming songs before I could talk. Maybe that was my little way of saying that songs have always lived in my heart – and even back then, I knew that one day I was going to write them and perform them. I believe that, deep down. 

I’m 15 now. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Not only writing my own music, but sharing the stage with some pretty amazing artists as I chase my dream of becoming a singer full-time. 

In October 2020, I’m releasing my latest single, “After You” It’s a break-up song but you won’t cry your eyes out, I promise. It’s all about remembering fondly the love you shared with someone. It’s a part of a greater album project; I’m shooting for my first EP release in spring 2021. 

And while the world has been shut down for most of us these last few months, it’s given me time to reflect on what I see – the goodness in people, the complexities of life. And I want to be someone who shares hope. For my generation. And those above me. I believe our spirits are undaunted – a big word that means nothing can keep us down if we keep believing that the future is out there and bright. 

My musical vibe is Indie-Americana and some of my influences have been: The Head & The Heart, The Lumineers, Johnny Cash and Brandi Carlisle. I’m a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International. To say you are connected with Nashville and the crazy-great storytelling talent that springs from there every moment – it makes me want to belong even more.  

I perform as a solo artist and as a duo. My guitarist is a fellow classmate, Addie Martin. We spent the summer playing at venues all over the state. We even played what we called “social distancing happy hours” – just strumming along in people’s driveways – because even though we all want to be safe, we know that music sustains us. Lifts us up. Speaks to our souls. At least that’s what I’ve found in my 15 years, a third of which I’ve spent learning my instruments and perfecting my craft. 

In the year ahead, I want to share my music with more people. I’m driven, and this craziness has been a creative time for me. I think I’ve got things to say musically. I want to sing my heart out and spread some joy. 

I’ve got lots of bookings lined up next year. I’d love to add some more – venues and festivals, all over. Take a listen to my music. I welcome the opportunity to show up and perform for you.  

I think you’re gonna love it. 

Xo, Kanin 

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