Pure Michigan Radio Station Pandora

The six-hour-long playlist, available on Pandora, includes a well-rounded mix of Michigan and non-Michigan artists. Well-known Michigan performers featured on the playlist include Bob Seger, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin, among others. Listeners can also enjoy some of Michigan’s newer music talent, with indie folk, pop, rock sound of the Accidentals and the rock band Greta Van Fleet. Up-and-coming Michigan artist Kanin Elizabeth and her song “Torch Lake Breeze” are also featured.

Witnessing Kanin’s vocals in a live music setting leaves attendees with the feeling that this fifteen-year-old is definitely on the up & up. Her crystal clear, yet mellow vocals relay a sense of maturity and humble confidence. Often performing as a duo with friend and guitar accompaniment by Addie Martin, Kanin is teaching herself to play new instruments and constantly honing in on her style and musicianship. Pair those warm, welcoming, easygoing vocals with a nice breezy patio, illuminated string lights hanging from the trees, and a sunset in the background, and you’ve got a truly beautiful arrangement. ” - Sarah Spohn

— Freelance Journalist and former LCC Radio Host


MARCH 24th 2020 

Written by Rich Tupica 

Known by her stage name, KANIN (pronounced “Cannon”), she’s spent the last year steadily gigging across the state playing three-hour shows while also recording new tracks on the regular. Aside from performances at Common Ground Music Festival and Lansing JazzFest, earlier this year she also performed at the legendary Blue Bird Café down in Nashville.